Shopping for Health Insurance?

Are you trying to find health coverage for you or your family? Here is some information that may help.

Fast Facts

  1. The enrollment period started November 1 and ends on December 15.  (In prior years, the enrollment period lasted until January 31.)
  2. Consumers can find free enrollment help at
  3. Consumers who know they are eligible for financial assistance can shop on the exchange at  (Remember: the site will not be available during open enrollment from midnight until 12 p.m. on every Sunday except December 10.)
  4. Consumers’ Checkbook, a plan comparison tool that was released by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance last year, now displays plans for 2018.  It allows shoppers to compare on- and off-exchange plans using a variety of factors, including monthly premium and estimated yearly cost. The plan comparison tool is also valuable for those who do not qualify for financial assistance and could be affected by the rate increases necessitated by the Trump Administration’s decision to end payments for cost-sharing reductions.
  5. For more information on 2018 rates and additional resources for shopping for health insurance, visit